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About Norburn Lighting and Bath

Norburn Lighting and Bath Centre was once known as Norburn Electric, established in late 1948 in the 4500 block of East Hastings Street in Burnaby. Norburn Electric was originally an electrical shop offering parts, repairs, wiring and maintenance. Norburn Electric also had a few street lighting contracts in Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and other nearby municipalities.

As the company began to grow, Norburn Electric ventured into different subsidiaries such as repairing motors and appliances, electrically thawing frozen pipes, underwater electrical and communications work, and later on began showcasing lighting.

Expert Services


A Few of Our Favourites

Kemena Lighting Mirror (305UH2V)


Cohen 6Lt LED Cord Pendant (65E26)


Tollis 1Lt Mini Pendant (12GXDK)


Banana Leaf 2Lt Sconce (16EY6)


Meet Our Team

Upcoming Events

Please look back for updated lists of upcoming events.

Stefanie Neal
Branch Manager

Stefanie-NealLS Over a decade of experience in lighting and plumbing. Dedicated to supporting the commercial team on every aspect of the project.
[email protected]

Katherine Dukic
Project Coordinator

Commercial and Residential project coordinator with extensive experience in plumbing and lighting. Understands and is committed to bring the best price and products from the start to the completion of projects.
[email protected]

Fairen Rosenlund
Project Coordinator

[email protected]

Allen Ladha
Outside Sales

ALA Lighting Specialist
Residential & Commercial Lighting – 30 Years
experience in lighting and plumbing
[email protected]

Martina Vanousova
Outside Sales

LC & Interior Design Certification
Residential & Commercial Lighting – Retail & Service Industry. Dedicated to assist a broad spectrum of clients from concept to completion.
[email protected]

Nicola Rueschmann
Outside Sales
Residential & Commercial Lighting.  Dedicated to assist a broad spectrum of clients from concept to completion.
[email protected]
Al Kuss
Outside Sales
Laurie Harley
Showroom Sales

[email protected]

Anne Finn
Showroom Sales

[email protected]

Allison Johns
Showroom Sales

[email protected]

Elizabeth Zunti
Showroom Sales
Maria Fumo

[email protected]

Brooke Martin

[email protected]

Ali Husien
Showroom merchandiser/technician
Leif Wyatt
Warehouse Supervisor

[email protected]

Rosli Halib
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