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Frequently Asked

If you don’t find what you are looking for, just contact us with any questions you have no matter how simple or complex they may seem. We are here to help!

Yes, we do provide a lighting layout service for free if you are dealing with an electrician, contractor, or designer that has an account with us.

However, if it is a personal project (ie. You are not working with an account client), we require a $200 to $250 deposit, which will depend on the size of the plan. This deposit will go towards your order when you decide to purchase the lighting through us. However, if you choose to purchase your lighting elsewhere, the deposit will be incurred as payment for the lighting layout service provided to you.

Though it is not a requirement to have something prepared before a consultation, we always encourage our clients to bring in floor plans, furniture layouts, and/or bring in sample materials (such as paint colours, counter top finish, metal finish of accessories etc.), and/or pictures. This information helps our Specialist understand what lighting solution will compliment the existing features and design of your home.

In addition, we encourage our clients to browse the web, and have inspiration pictures readily available so that the best options are given that will suite the individual’s vision.

No you do not need an appointment to receive help from a Specialists. Our Specialist try their best to accommodate each walk-in customer, but also spend an extensive amount of time with customers individually to ensure they are provided with the best solution for their unique lighting dilemma. At times there is a queue for an available Specialist, especially during peak hours.

We do encourage customers to book an appointment in advance if they are planning to do a large project such as an entire home renovation or a new build.

Yes, we do price match if you bring an electronic or printed copy of the advertised item, which is from the same manufacturer we carry, has the exact same product code, and it is in Canadian currency. However,  we cannot price match if the item is only sold exclusively at a particular store.

You can confirm your order by contacting your sales representative by phone or email.  In the case the item is not a regularly stocked item, a 25% deposit must be paid. Please review your order details for accuracy and contact your sales representative if you notice any discrepancies.

Specialist will often give an estimated time frame of when an item is expected to arrive. At times, when a product is in high demand, or there are other factors such as severe weather,  there may be a delay in the arrival of your product. Our Specialist will inform you if there are delays with your order.

Contact your Lighting Specialist as soon as possible regarding any changes to your order. Some restocking fees may apply to items already ordered.

We cannot leave items at the front desk as the area needs to be clear and easily accessible for all of our customers. We advise customers to call in advance if they require their order (especially large orders) to be ready upon arrival, or if they are unable to wait for items to be picked. The items will be ready and set aside in the Warehouse, and can be brought to the front desk upon arrival.

Unfortunately, once a fixture has been installed it cannot be returned as wires have been cut to the electrical standards of your home and the fixture can no longer be resold.  We encourage our customers to examine the fixture by holding it up within the room to determine whether it will work for the room.  Please see our Return Policy for more information.

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