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Lighting for Aged Eyes

As we age we experience lighting in a different way; our eyes have to work twice as hard in order to perform at the same level which causes our eyes to become fatigue. In order to prevent discomfort, those over the age of 55 are recommended to use twice as much light as a person in their 20’s.

What challenges are faced?

  • More lighting required
  • It takes longer for eyes to transition from different light levels
    (example: being outside in daylight and then going inside a dimly lit house).
  • Our perception of colour weakens
    (example: unable to distinguish between dark blue and black).
  • Eyes become more sensitive to glare (direct and indirect)


  1. Position fixtures so that they are not directly aimed at the eyes.
  2. Opt for product that defuse the output of light, such as selecting fixtures that have frosted glass
    instead of clear glass which can often cause glare.
  3. Consider adding task lighting, such as lamps in the living room for knitting, adjustable arm
    sconces in the bedroom for reading, or pendants over a kitchen island to help determine whether
    food is thoroughly cooked.
  4. Consider layering lighting so that you are able to manipulate/adjust what light is required for a
    given task or space.
  5. Use dimmers to help keep a consistent light level through the various rooms.
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