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Norburn carries the largest selection of custom shower fixtures, Grohe, Riobel, Aquabrass, Kohler and more. Vancouver’s shower super store. Custom showers are multiple-head showers. They consist of valves, water outlets, volume controls, shower heads, hand showers, or body sprays. Custom showers often require plumbing changes before installing. You cannot just simply add more shower heads or sprays to an existing shower stall or tub enclosure. Custom showers may require installation by a licensed plumbing contractor.

Grohe has created a Custom Shower Work Book that can be downloaded here.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is a critical factor in a custom shower. GROHE recommends at least 50 psi and a 3/4” water supply for a system with 3 or more outlets.

A large custom shower with 3 or more heads will require more hot water.
The larger the custom shower, (more heads, rain shower and body jets) the more hot water will be required. A water heater of adequate size and dedicated to the custom shower is recommended.
A dedicated 40 gallon hot water heater will supply a four-outlet custom shower for approximately 9 minutes (assuming shower heads are restricted and all are turned on for the entire duration).


A pressure balance valve is not a high flow valve, and cannot be expected to supply adequate water volume especially in a multiple shower outlet installation.

Thermostatic Control Valve

A single handle thermostatic temperature control valve, or a two handle thermostatic valve with integral volume control is the recommended control vale. 1/2” for showers with no more than 2 heads and 3/4” for showers with 3-6 heads. If the number of shower outlets desired is more than one valve can accommodate, it will be necessary to use two (or more) thermostat valves. It is not necessary to have a 3/4″ supply line to use a 3/4″ valve. A 1/2″ supply line plumbed into a 3/4″ valve will still effectively increase water flow, but a 3/4″ supply line is preferred.

Volume Controls

A volume control is a valve that turns the water on and off. Starting at the “off” position, you can steadily increase water flow through to the “full on” position. Volume controls do not control temperature. Custom showers are generally designed with separate on/off (volume) controls for each outlet. Usually one volume control for the shower head, one for the hand shower, and one for three body sprays. If the combined flow rates of the outlets exceed the volume control flow rate, there will be a reduction in performance.


Fixed position, usually above shoulder level (on wall or ceiling). Water direction may be adjustable depending on fixture. Typically has 2 or more adjustable spray styles.


Movable has hose connection. Can be mounted to shower wall with bracket or sliding bar. Usually has 2 or more adjustable spray styles.

Body Spray

Fixed position, usually at and/or below shoulder level. Usually In groups of 2 or more. Water direction may be adjustable depending on product.

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