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Benchmark Designs from Eurofase Lighting Set the Standard for Modern Lighting Fixtures, Traditional Styles, Eco Green Lighting and More

Eurofase Lighting creates chic and sleek modern light fixtures and leads the industry in contemporary designs.


Founded in 1989, Eurofase Lighting is now one of the leading manufacturers of residential and commercial lighting fixtures.Fashion and design combined together to make Eurofase Lighting, a market leader. The company has been creating fixtures that are a treat to the eyes and equally durable and functional. Eurofase Lighting also keeps in mind the love of nature with its environment friendly and recyclable materials and the abundant use of LED lights, halogen, and compact fluorescent.


Creating absolute showpiece fixtures, Eurofase offers a range of lighting fixtures that are flamboyant in their appeal and elegant in their structure. The never-seen-before shapes and designs are the hallmarks of the company and its line of lighting fixtures. With lamps that take the shapes of huge mesh spheres, oysters or a twisted helix, designs are pure contemporary art. Nickel and white polished, these fixtures are timeless and speak of sophistication. The cuts and the curves to each of the product provide a sense of dynamism to all Eurofase Lighting Creations.



Product Line

The vast product line consists of contemporary lighting designs for both the indoors and outdoors. The product line has been divided into the basic categories of lamps, wall lighting and outdoor lighting; there is a myriad of exclusive lighting fixtures that Eurofase Lighting offers. Choose from the unconventional outdoor lighting or the avant-garde wall lighting, every single product from the brand looks ultra-stylish and futuristic, the moment it catches the eye.

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