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Buyer Beware Suspect LED Products Flooding Your Inbox

We get emails everyday from manufacturers trying to get their products in to Norburn. Lately we get spammed about 12 x a week from suspect vendors trying to get us to sell their LED products. This one was particularly funny since it did include a logo of a baby surfing on what looks like a PAR 16 LED replacement lamo .

Here is a snippet of the yarn they are spinning

( the grammar has not been changed, this is the actual text)

Dear Sir,
This is Vickey who come from Shenzhen *** ,LTD .I am kindly know you are in the market of LED lights.I would like to indroduce our comapny and products to you ,Hope to we could build business relatioship in 2009.”

There are hundreds if not thousands of fly by night manufacturers and snake oil promoters trying to jump on the LED bandwagon.

Once again, caveat emptor -buyer beware – there are so many websites cropping up selling LED lights, at LOW prices. The manufacturer they use mayvery well be the one who uses surfing babies in their logo.

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