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4600 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5C 2K5

Over the years I have used many lighting suppliers through different organizations in my architecture, design and project management career. What I believe in and expect for a lighting supplier is customer service, knowledge, and leadership. This I got from Norburn Lighting in the past fourteen years. The best part of it is that many of the people that I deal other than the manager at Norburn Lighting have been working there for many years. This tells you something about how the business operates. The size of the lighting store is not a mega lighting store but do provide a great selection of interior and exterior lighting. It helps if you are dealing with knowledgeable people and a great leader. This leader I am referring to is Norm Brown who manages a few of the Norburn locations. What I like about this guys is his knowledge on lighting. He is a Certified Lighting Consultant and is part of the American Lighting Association. He provides lighting designs and has taught my staff about lighting designs. I have been fortunate enough to know Norm for over twenty years since the Guillevin International Co formally Gough Electric. He provided me the service and the straight goods time and time again and have saved a lot of money on lighting that I followed him. Not that I listen to him all the time…..certainly we have difference of opinions on lighting but that is half the fun in debates.


David Wong – Director of Design and Development
WHG Design Ltd, Coquitlam

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