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4600 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5C 2K5

Norburn Lighting was recommended by my electrician for having an excellent selection and reputation. Norburn Lighting has been great to work with and I highly recommend them.

I consistently received exceptional service from our Salesperson (Laurie) right from planning/budgeting through to installation and quality assurance. Laurie’s professional insights and recommendations on my renovation where well suited to my project design, budget, and where focused on ensuring that I was 100% satisfied with the final outcome.

In keeping with their reputation, a year after installation I had a problem with one bank of kitchen lights which proved to be unusually tricky to solve. After my electrician was unsuccessful in pinpointing and correcting the problem, Norburn Lighting did not hesitate to jump in and take all steps necessary to correct the problem promptly. Impressively, Norburn Lighting arranged to replace all of the lights and the driver in the affected bank replaced and had their electrician install them at no additional cost.

I was very impressed by Norburn Lightings willingness to ensure that the problem was quickly corrected to my satisfaction and how they stood by the products that they sell. I have not often experienced this high level of customer service, it was very refreshing!

Norburn Lighting has been a great resource for my renovation project and I highly recommend them.

Michael W. (Google Review)

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