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4600 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5C 2K5

Grohe Pot Filler Cold Water Faucet

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Norburn is your go to store for Grohe in Vancouver. The Pot-Filler Faucet,not a luxury item a real convenience accessory for the serious cook. The Grohe pot filler is all stainless steel faucet with the 20″ spout reach. It is an ideal match for today’s larger commercial-type stoves as it installs on the wall directly over the stove. This cold water pot filler is an ultimate in cooking convenience: easily reach over front or rear burners, then fold it back neatly against the wall and out of your way.

As much as you may be familiar with Grohe faucets, the pot fillers is a relativly new product line for Grohe. And with Grohe’s reputation for quality, this new pot filler is well manufactured. Indeed, Grohe introduced some innovations in its design such as a new double O-ring seal and bearing design that creates solid joints that will not loosen or wobble over time and a new anti-rotation flange that prevents the faucet from loosening at its wall mounting, Also, for your safety, there is an additional 1/4-turn shut-off valve at the end of the arm to eliminate the need for reaching over hot burners. The high grade 304 stainless steel adds to the Grohe pot filler’s beauty.

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