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4600 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5C 2K5

Norburn Lighting is proud to introduce Authenticity Lighting to Vancouver

With sixteen remarkable lighting collections to choose from, Authenticity Lighting is Norburn Lighting’s latest lighting brand offering. Authenticity Lighting was founded on the simple premise: produce beautiful, high quality lighting with an honest and straight forward declaration in design. To accomplish this, Authenticity Lighting took a fresh approach to every aspect of the design process, from initial sketches and design to material and finish selection, all the way through to final production.

The result are sixteen stunningly beautiful lighting collections of unique chandeliers, Victorian and transitional lighting and kitchen lights. From the Alta Collection, which redefines elegance and blends modern elements with classical shapes, to the Monarch Collection, which pays homage to the effortless floating freedom and natural grace of the Monarch butterfly, Authenticity Lightingis truly a classically inspired lighting design company for modern times.

We’re incredibly proud of this new Authenticity Lighting line and, in the end, we hope you enjoy these fixtures as much as we enjoyed bringing them for you.
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