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How They Are Made – Hubbardton Forge

Visit our Burnaby Showroom to see first hand the quality workmanship of Hubbardton Forge – Lighting fixtures, table and floor lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, pendants and more! All hand forged by “The Modern American Blacksmiths”.

Flowing cones of light and shadow with the Mobius Spun Shade by Hubbardton Forge. Inspired by the beauty of a spring blossom, the Mobius pendant combines flowing curves of non-woven fabric and sepals of forged steel to create a visually stunning interplay of light and shadow. The sculptural shade of non-woven spun poly fiber is a celebration of continuous movement in the tradition of the Mobius strip and creates an alluring focal point at all times of day — available in spun frost or amber. All Hubbardton Forge designs are made in Vermont, U.S.A.

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