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Tips for using mini pendants in your kitchen

Usually smaller than 12″, mini pendants are hanging fixtures that uniquely and subtly beautify the space they illuminate.Contemporary, modern or  transitional mini pendants may be a perfect way to accent your interior design through lighting. You can also select from a variety of different lamp types including incandescent, LED and halogen depending on the amount of light need for a room.

Tip 1    Take into account the height of those in your household when deciding how high to hang the pendants. If they are hung too high then you may see a glare from the bulb.

Tip 2  Add a dimmer switch to increase the versatility of the pendant lights. They can provide either task or mood lighting.

Tip 3 4. Try to find a fixture that can complement the finishes of your faucets, counter tops, and cabinets. Colorful mini pendants can tie everything together if chosen carefully. Visit our mini pendant page to see the full range of products and styles that are available.

Tip 4  3. Center the fixtures over the counter.

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