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Kohler Moxie Shower Your music Your shower Your time To shine.

The Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker takes shower singing to a whole new level.

Moxie™ 2.5 gpm single-function showerhead with wireless speaker Showering has never been so fun. Moxie lets you stream your favorite music, news or talk radio right in the shower with you. The Moxie showerhead holds a portable wireless speaker\ that pairs wirelessly with Bluetooth®-enabled devices to deliver high-quality audio to your shower. The speaker docks directly into the showerhead, so your music is closer than ever when showering.

While it plays your favorite sounds, this revolutionary showerhead generates a full-coverage, revitalizing spray of water for a sensory experience like no other. Moxie is easy to install and use; the wireless speaker pops out for recharging, then securely pops back in for use while showering.

You can even take it with you as a wireless speaker to use in any room of the house, or on the go.

Moxie™ single-function showerhead with wireless speaker, 2.5 gpm

Your music. Your shower. Your time. To shine. To chill out. To sing.

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