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June Dallas Market Favorites Unveiled

June Dallas Market Favourites Unveiled

The June Dallas Market is an exhilarating time for Light Star nominees, offering them the opportunity to explore the largest residential lighting market in North America. This year, our Sales Manager, David Cowper, had the honor of representing Norburn Lighting and Bath Centre in Dallas. The market was brimming with an array of captivating lighting pieces that instantly caught our team’s attention. From the mesmerizing pendants from David Trubridge to the innovative Atomo line by Eurofase. We are excited to share some favourites from Dallas.


Lighting Favourites From Dallas

Pendants by David Trubridge

During our visit to the June Dallas Market, we stumbled upon an exciting new lighting vendor and were instantly captivated by the pendants from David Trubridge. The pendants feature an organic design made with sustainable bamboo plywood construction. When illuminated, the fixture creates a mesmerizing centerpiece that casts enchanting shadows.

Coral by David Trubridge

David Trubridge

Atomo by Eurofase

Another standout piece that caught our attention was the Atomo line from Eurofase. The Atomo features a unique LED lamping technology known as Crystal Pitch. Up close, the fixtures emanated a cool and contemporary aesthetic, enhanced by the mesmerizing crystal-like illumination.

Atomo by EurofaseAtomo by Eurofase Atomo by Eurofase Close Up

Giselle by Savoy House

Similarly, the Giselle collection from Savoy House boasts a unique combination of layers of gold and crystal, creating a stunning interplay of light and luxury. What truly sets it apart is the distinctive floral structure, adding an intriguing element of sophistication. The Giselle collection is a remarkable choice for spaces that call for a touch of elegance, such as grand entryways, formal dining rooms, or luxurious living areas.

Giselle Savoy House

Brewster by Savoy House

Another notable piece that stood out from Savoy House was the Brewster collection. Similar to the Giselle collection, the Brewster collection incorporates exquisite gold accents that add a touch of glamour and sophistication to its overall aesthetic. The collection offers a perfect balance between classic and modern elements, making it versatile for a range of interior styles. Whether adorning a traditional dining room or adding a touch of elegance over a kitchen island, the Brewster collection creates a statement with its timeless charm and can effortlessly elevate any space with its refined beauty.

Brewster Savoy House

Rickie by Oxygen

The Rickie LED Outdoor Wall Light from Oxygen was another impressive find at Dallas Market. The Oxygen showroom displayed multiple Rickie wall lights that formed a captivating floral shadow pattern when illuminated. The wall light is weather-resistant and features integrated LED technology.  We can imagine this piece being used for both residential and commercial outdoor spaces alike such as patios, decks, gardens, entrances, and walkways.

Rickie by Oxygen

Discovering the remarkable lighting treasures at the June Dallas Market has left us truly inspired, and allowed us to appreciate the unique charm of each lighting design. If you have any questions about the lighting features, please feel free to contact us. Our team is always happy to help.

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