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4600 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5C 2K5

Norburn Lighting International Retailer of the Year Award
Norburn Lighting 25th Annual ARTS Awards

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: Norburn Lighting and Bath, renowned for exceptional customer service and a wide range of luxury kitchen and bath fixtures, commemorates the 10th anniversary of their prestigious ‘International Retailer of the Year’ award. This accolade was awarded at the 25th Annual ARTS Awards 2014, hosted by the Accessories Resource Team (ART) and Dallas Market Center.

The Authority on Lighting in Canada, Norburn’s Burnaby BC showroom, was distinguished for its outstanding regional business achievements, entrepreneurial spirit, and marketing excellence. Reflecting on this milestone, President Brett Robinson applauds his team’s dedication and hard work, acknowledging the significance of the ARTs Awards in the industry.

As Norburn continues to offer over 5,000 unique light fixtures and accessories, including chandeliers, table lamps, and bath fixtures, they celebrate a legacy of success and innovation in the lighting and bath sector. Here are some of the memories during that night:

Brett Robinson receiving the International Retailer Award 2014 for Norburn Ligting and Bath
Brett Robinson receiving the International Retailer Award 2014 for Norburn Lighting and Bath
Annual ARTS Awards
26th Annual ARTS Awards for Norburn Lighting and Bath winning International Retailers Award 2014 

Donny Osmond hosting the ARTS Award

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